Fuel Mix

fuel mix

Since 1 October 2005, UK electricity suppliers must provide customers with details of the mix of fuels used to produce the electricity supplied to them.

Consumers are familiar with food labeling giving them information on ingredients, nutrition and calories. Now it is mandatory for all electricity suppliers to label their products with the fuels used to generate the electricity, the carbon emissions and the nuclear waste produced.

The fuel mix for a typical home in the UK is shown in the table. This is the average fuel mix across the UK from all suppliers. You can compare the fuel mix from your own supplier to see if it is better or worse than average based on the criteria that are important to you.

It will show the share of supply generated by coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewable and other energy sources. Unless you are buying electricity from a green renewable energy company, most of your electricity is likely to be generated at fossil fuel (coal and gas) power stations and nuclear power stations.

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Customers will usually be notified of their fuel mix at least once a year along with their bill. If you don't receive a bill at least once a year you can still find out your fuel mix by contacting your supplier. Or check on this site.

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