Fuel Mix of UK Domestic Electricity Suppliers

Some of the names listed below are previous names for suppliers which have been taken over, merged or ceased supply and been replaced by another supplier. Other names are branded products where a company’s electricity is sold by or under the name of another company, or are a supplier’s regional branding.

UK Domestic Electricity Suppliers
Supplier % renewables  
Atlantic (SSE)15.0view fuel mix
British Gas10.0view fuel mix
Centrica (British Gas)10.0view fuel mix
Co-operative Energy54.3view fuel mix
Countrywide Energy (green energy uk)21.0view fuel mix
e.on8.4view fuel mix
East Midlands Electricity (e.on)8.4view fuel mix
Eastern Electricity (e.on)8.4view fuel mix
Ecotricity67.5view fuel mix
EDF Energy8.3view fuel mix
Equipower / EBICo (SSE)15.0view fuel mix
First:Utility8.3view fuel mix
Good Energy100.0view fuel mix
Green Energy UK21.0view fuel mix
LoCO2 Energy46.0view fuel mix
London Energy (EDF Energy)8.3view fuel mix
M&S Energy (SSE)15.0view fuel mix
Midlands Electricity (npower)14.0view fuel mix
Midlands Gas (e.on)8.4view fuel mix
National Trust Green Energy (npower)14.0view fuel mix
Northern (npower)14.0view fuel mix
Norweb Energy (e.on)8.4view fuel mix
npower14.0view fuel mix
Npower Direct14.0view fuel mix
OVO Energy23.9view fuel mix
Sainsbury Energy (British Gas)10.0view fuel mix
Scottish Gas (British Gas)10.0view fuel mix
Scottish Hydro-Electric (SSE)15.0view fuel mix
ScottishPower12.9view fuel mix
Seeboard Energy (EDF Energy)8.3view fuel mix
Southern Electric (SSE)15.0view fuel mix
SSE15.0view fuel mix
Sterling Gas (e.on)8.4view fuel mix
SWALEC (SSE)15.0view fuel mix
SWEB Energy (EDF Energy)8.3view fuel mix
Telecom Plus (npower)14.0view fuel mix
TXU Energi (e.on)8.4view fuel mix
Utilita0.8view fuel mix
Utility Warehouse (npower)14.0view fuel mix
York Gas (npower)14.0view fuel mix
Yorkshire (npower)14.0view fuel mix

Fuel Mix

Since 1 October 2005, UK electricity suppliers must provide customers with details of the mix of fuels used to produce the electricity supplied.

They will also have to show the associated carbon dioxide emissions and high-level nuclear waste produced.

List of all UK domestic electricity supply licensees*

  • Altitude Energy Supply Limited
  • Angel Energy Limited
  • Axis Telecom Limited
  • AXPO UK Limited
  • Barbican Power Limited
  • ICS Energy Limited
  • Better Energy Supply Limited
  • BizzEnergy Limited
  • British Gas Trading Limited
  • Extra Energy Supply Limited
  • Co-Operative Energy Limited
  • Coulomb Energy Supply Limited
  • Crown Oil Limited
  • Dong Energy Power Sales UK Limited
  • Donnington Energy Limited
  • E.ON Energy Solutions Limited
  • Economy Energy Supply Limited
  • Economy Energy Trading Limited
  • Economy Power Limited
  • EDF Energy Customers Plc
  • Electricity Plus Supply Limited
  • Emexconsult Limited
  • Energy COOP Limited
  • Europa Energy Supply Limited
  • Farmoor Energy Limited
  • First Utility Limited
  • FIT Energy Supply Limited
  • Flow Energy Limited
  • Ganymede Energy Supply Limited
  • Good Energy Limited
  • Green Energy Limited
  • Haven Power Limited
  • Holborn Energy Limited
  • Home Counties Energy Plc
  • Hudson Energy Supply UK Limited
  • I Supply Electricity 2 Limited
  • I Supply Electricity 3 Limited
  • I Supply Electricity Limited
  • I Supply Energy Limited
  • I.C.S. 1989 Limited
  • Jetstream Energy Supply Limited
  • KAL-Energy Limited
  • Kensington Power Limited
  • Krave Management Limited
  • Lightning Energy Supply Company Limited
  • Lorimer Power Limited
  • GNERGY Limited
  • Marble Power Limited
  • Nationwide Electricity Limited
  • Neas Energy Limited
  • Npower Direct Limited
  • Npower Limited
  • Npower Northern Limited
  • Npower Northern Supply Limited
  • Npower Yorkshire Limited
  • Npower Yorkshire Supply Limited
  • Addito Supply Limited
  • Open4Energy Limited
  • Opus Energy (Corporate) Limited
  • Opus Energy Limited
  • Opus Energy Renewables Limited
  • OVO Electricity Limited
  • Paddington Power Limited
  • Pan-Utility Limited
  • R Electrics Limited
  • Regent Power Limited
  • Reuben Power Supply Limited
  • Scottish Power Energy Retail Limited
  • SEEBOARD Energy Limited
  • Simply Electricity Limited
  • Sirocco Energy Supply Limited
  • Smart Electricity Limited
  • Smarter Eco Energy Ltd
  • South Wales Electricity Limited
  • Spark Energy Supply Limited
  • SSE Energy Supply Limited
  • Supply Energy Limited
  • Symbio Energy LLP
  • The Renewable Energy Company Limited
  • UK Healthcare Corporation Limited
  • Utilita Energy Limited

*Source: Ofgem, 17 October 2013

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